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Helping Hands Mandate

Helping Hands Mandate

Who is Helping Hands?

Helping Hands ordinarily consists of the wives of the deacons of the congregation.


The intent of Helping Hands is to coordinate support of the non-financial needs of members in the congregation in times of emergency or long term aid.

In times of individual need, congregational members are encouraged to readily provide direct assistance.  The deacons, with the assistance of Helping Hands, will monitor situations to ensure that sufficient care is being received and will ask members of the congregation to assist if additional aid is required.

Sample Types of Assistance  

Assistance usually takes the form of meals, baking, child-care, snow-shoveling, etc.

Reasons for assistance could include, but are not limited to:

  • unexpected illness / emergency operation

  • difficulties during a pregnancy or post child-birth

  • long term illness

  • funeral (coordinate reception)       


Each member will assist in the work of Helping Hands with one member taking on the role of lead-coordinator.  The lead-coordinator will serve a term of one year.


The deacons will be made aware of situations that require assistance from their ongoing contact with the congregation, from communication with elders and the minister, or from a direct request from a congregational member.  The deacons will then enlist the aid of Helping Hands if required.  Members should not contact Helping Hands directly but instead make any needs known to their ward deacon.

Helping Hands may contact the congregation via phone, email, or other means to coordinate assistance.  The lead-coordinator will ensure that requests for assistance are distributed evenly throughout the congregation. If it is deemed necessary, the official congregational email list may be used to request assistance.

A report on the activities of Helping Hands shall be made at each deacon meeting.  The deacon whose wife is the lead-coordinator will be responsible for these reports.

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