Church Life

Bible Studies

Saturday Night Bible Study

Every other Saturday night men and women of all ages come together to study God’s word along with other resource/study books and discuss how it pertains to our everyday lives...

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Tuesday Morning Bible Study for Women

Meetings are held every week in our rented church building’s Fellowship Hall at 10 am. Babysitting is provided and a “Story Hour” is done for the preschool age children....

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Wednesday Morning Devotional

Every Wednesday a group of ladies get together to study the Bible and other religious books. The members take turns hosting the meetings in their homes at 9:30 am....

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Young Adults Bible Study

Young adults and young couples that have outgrown Young People’s usually attend this study group. They meet on Saturday evenings in various homes....

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Young Peoples (YP’s)

This group is open to all teenagers and young adults (16 years and older). They meet every second Sunday night at various homes within the congregation at 8 pm....

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Did You Know...
That the blood of the lamb was placed so that God’s wrath would ’pass over’ Israel in Egypt and Christ died for us on the Passover so that God’s wrath would pass over us forever.

Exodus 12 1-29
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