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Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

MAF is a worldwide team of specialists, meeting the aviation and communications needs of overseas missions and relief and development organizations serving those living in the poorest and most remote parts of the world. It was formed in 1945 under the name Christian Airmen’s Missionary Fellowship (CAMF). 

Vision: "That all people have access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the resources to meet their needs."
Mission: "We exist to demonstrate God’s love through aviation, communication, and logistics to meet spiritual and physical needs." 
Missionary staff families perform specialized tasks that aid the ministries of local churches and relief and development agencies through aviation and radio/internet based communications. Perhaps best known for aviation, MAF pilots and mechanics operate a large fleet that hauls food, seed, and livestock, transport sick and injured people, and deliver other supplies. Our church supports MAF through prayer and regular monetary collections. 
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Did You Know...
That the blood of the lamb was placed so that God’s wrath would ’pass over’ Israel in Egypt and Christ died for us on the Passover so that God’s wrath would pass over us forever.

Exodus 12 1-29
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